TOMMY FILTAS – Home. | free download + tracklisting by Tommy Filtas

On January 03, 2017 at 05:24PM I liked the track TOMMY FILTAS – Home. | free download + tracklisting by Tommy Filtas.
Description: “Home” means going back to the deep, soulful foundation of house music and what inspired so many of us at the core of this dance music thing over the years.

Track listing:
[00:00:00] Alberto Sainz – Sandbox (Original Mix) [Aeriform Records]
[00:07:21] LEOESCO – She’s Still The One (Farhan Remix) [Dutchie Music]
[00:12:04] The 5th Galaxy Orchestra – The Circus by the Sea (Original Mix)
[00:16:31] J.E.E.P. – Terroir Tropical (Zombies in Miami Remix) [Sunset Rouge Music]
[00:22:17] Paul C and Paolo Martini – Rotation (Riva Starr Edit) [Moon Harbour Recordings]
[00:28:00] David Jach – Ideal Juice (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
[00:33:38] S.E.T. – Full Boom (Original Mix) [KMS Records]
[00:38:30] Robot Needs Oil – Soada (Original) [Guesthouse Music]
[00:44:40] DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation – That Feeling (Original Stereo Mix) [Defected]
[00:50:10] Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix) [ESP Institute]
[00:58:10] Jack Swaffer and Richey Profond – Fat Blocks (Original Mix) [Twisted Fusion]
[01:03:09] Pagano – Penetralia (Original Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
[01:08:55] Marc Molina – Uncle Willy (Original Mix) [Ausara Recordings]
[01:13:54] Paul Deep (AR) – Eternal Wait (Subandrio Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
[01:20:35] Alexander Koning and Ed Dejon – The Wonderful Bubble (Original Mix) [Percep-tion]
[01:28:04] Foals – Late Night (Solomun Remix) [Warner Bros. Records]
[01:35:32] Patryk Molinari – Solaris (Original Mix) [Ritter Butzke Studio]
[01:41:11] Suonare – Sweet Reality (Original Mix) [Emergent Shores]
[01:46:10] Mambo Brothers – Momento (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
[01:53:22] Luke Garcia and Th3 Oth3r feat. ARC – Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Ephemeral]

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