Porn Wax Ten – Fab Mayday by Tusk Shop

On November 25, 2015 at 07:05PM I liked the track Porn Wax Ten – Fab Mayday by Tusk Shop.
Description: A1. Viaggio In Gambia
A2. Una Storia
B1. Tindari
B2. Me Africa

400, 10″ marbled pink, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only. The man behind the very first Porn Wax returns for the tenth in the collection.

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Skrillex & Diplo – To Ü Feat. AlunaGeorge (Clean Bandit Remix) by Jack Ü

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Description: To Ü feat. AlunaGeorge Remixes available on:
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Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü

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Promises by lovebirds

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Description: This is the first out of three EPs with material i created in the last 10 or even more years. Everything sat on my hard drive and never found its way out – this will be changes now! various genres – slow, mid & uptempo – all filled with lovebirds funk!

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Nora En Pure – U Got My Body (Return of the Jaded Radio Mix) by Return of the Jaded

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Description: OUT NOVEMBER 16

“Canadian shooting stars RETURN OF THE JADED already proofed the remix skills on our label for Croatia Squad last year, now they deliver another amazing and floor filling remix.”

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Barebass | London Secrets | Santero by Barebass

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Description: We invite you to follow our London Secrets series, which is all about the dopest matters of the underground scene. This week we have Santero!

So firstly if you could tell us what kind of bass do you play?

I pretty much have two parallel careers under one name bass driven house, which is more fired by my productions and my time at Ministry of Sound, and booming hip hop, which is where I initially made my name and was what gave me the skills for Red Bull Thre3style.

What drew you to your bass?

Bass in the club just has this visceral power that a lot of people who don’t go clubbing don’t really understand. There’s something almost spiritual about the way it affects people, apparently that’s something church organs can do which some think is part of the experience that people have that brings them back in, an inexplicable feeling that low frequencies have on the soul!

What are some of your go to records at the moment?

Can’t go wrong with Dusky! Struggling to think of a bad release of theirs for years now. Skin Deep and Jilted off the new one are exceptional. The new Genghis Clan on Snatch! Records is huge, called Wait, You Wanna? And Justin Martin & Ardalan’s VIP remix of Function is just sensational, proper 808 and acid vibes done brilliantly.

Whats been your most memorable party so far?

I think it would have to be the main stage at GlobalGathering, never seen so many people in one place, so that was incredibly nerve-wracking, God knows the numbers, 10,000, 20,000? When there’s that many its hard to tell. Special mention to MADE Birmingham, playing the terrace there at 2am before Claude VonStroke and Doorly took over was a real moment this summer. And my gig in Hong Kong last year was amazing too actually, plus Lone and Seth Troxler were in town the same night, great to see friendly faces in such a far off place.

Have you had the chance to work on any new music recently?

I’ve a whole heap of stuff in the process of being signed to various labels, don’t want to jinx them until the legal stuff is completed though! Very much in the area of tech and bass house, g-house and so on, but my flip on the grey areas between all those.

Do you have any major releases that we should be looking out for?

Yes indeed, I have a new single on Grin Recordings which was release on Nov 2 that has had a fantastic reaction on promo, people like Groove Armada and Low Steppa getting behind it, very excited about this one, and a bit of a labour of love as it features a vocal sample from a film that was a key part of why I bought my first guitar back in maybe 1993-94.

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Can you tell us a few up & coming artists that are standing out on your radar?

August Five has just remixed Fatboy Slim and has a really great tech-house sound, he’s definitely one to watch, incredibly talented lad. Will Clarke is making some serious power moves with his recent releases, Genghis Clan is maybe not exactly up & coming (it’s a Riva Starr alter ego) but is really bring some heat lately. Just got a promo this week from a really great new artist called ANOTR, looking forward to playing their stuff. Oh, and Jaded is putting some amazing stuff out too.

So finally when you hear bare bass what effects it has on you?

There’s a couple of things – my nose tickles like fuck! The vibrations fuck with my nose hairs something chronic if I don’t keep em trimmed haha! But I love feeling the bass hit my sternum, that raw power so you feel the music as much as hear it. That’s why I love my Subpac at home for the headphone moments!


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